New Reports Feature Release- January, 2020


The following new/updated reports & features went live in the Aguardion system today.


Accounts Receivables Report - This new report gives a screenshot view of current client balances, including bad debt, unpaid invoices, and pool balances. There is a total owed column at the top of the report page as well! 


Population Profile - This report is a combination of a couple legacy reports and shows you the total number of devices assigned, broken down by Agency. This report can be filtered to show a lot of informational data! 


Inventory with Prices - This revamped report shows all inventory within a specified date range and includes prices, date added into the system, who added the equipment, and the in service date for the equipment. 


Offender Roster - This new report shows a breakdown of all active clients during a specified date range, including the start and end date of the monitoring event as well as the package type. This report can be filtered to show caseload data! 


Install Report - The Install Report has been redone and now includes more data! 


Case Notes - This new report shows all the notes from clients monitoring events. It can be filtered down and exported or printed! 


Case Managers - There is a new classifying feature that has been added to Aguardion! There is no workflow around this feature, it is simply another way to classify clients and monitoring events. Active ‘Users’ can be assigned to clients and the monitoring events. They can be changed easily and most reports and pages can be filtered by case manager.


Legacy Reports - If you need access to the original reports, they can be found under 'Legacy' in the top right corner of the reports page.


As always, please reach out to with any questions/concerns!

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