Features Release Notes- May 5th, 2020


Option to Collect the Daily Rate of a Package being Swapped Out

When changing out a package on an active monitoring event, you now will have the option to charge both old and new daily rates for the day the change occurs. 

For example, if you have an active monitoring event with package 1 installed ($5 daily rate) and you swap it out for package 2 ($10 daily rate), the system will give you the option to charge the sum of both daily rates ($15) for the day the swap occurs.

New Install Report

This report has been redesigned (mostly behind the scenes) to better handle historical data and improve accuracy.

Invoice Creation Email Notifications

An admin-configurable email template has been added to the system. 

New Note Types

The following note types have been added as options to the monitoring event log:
  1. Attempted Contact
  2. Contact
  3. Received Electronic Communication


Monthly Income Dashboard Inaccuracies

The income dashboards have been fixed.

User Creation Email Notifications

A bug related to the creation of portal users has been resolved.

Please contact support at with any questions or concerns!

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